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Today we all live in a complex world where we face different challenges, scenarios and work on various projects in our daily working life. They affect us to the extent where our work, business performance, and productivity suffers at multiple levels. We can't close our eyes around such complexities, even if we have a strategy paper or the organizational leadership that can help us sail through that problems. So it's time for us to review the conventional practices and replace them with strategy and good project management tools that can contribute to getting our job done. Otherwise, we may be in for severe trouble down the road.

WAMEX PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL - Help Every Stakeholder in the Development Of the Project

WAMEX Project Management Tools - The Basic Features

Planning & Scheduling

The most constructive feature of our online project management software is the one that includes the planning or scheduling of the activities and tasks while developing the project. You can plan out and delegate work to all team members in a single place with folders, calendars, workflows, templates, jobs, and sub-tasks. The success of the project lies in effective organization and time management.


Emails are traditionally an effective communication means while transferring information within the organization. Our good project management tools are much superior, and you can use them effectively adding comments on tasks, organizing dashboards, assigning tasks, and approvals and proofing.


While working on multiple projects, there are bound to be some mistakes and mishaps where some files can get lost or misplaced, and there is the slightest chance to recover them. Our project management tools have features like storing files, versioning them, and editing them, saving you from unforeseen events.


Our best project management tools online also provide critical functionalities such as reporting and resource management that help your project managers assess and track growth, performance, and productivity.

WAMEX Project Management Tools for Efficient Project Planning

  • Network Diagrams
  • CPM - Critical Path Method
  • Gantt Charts
  • Project Review
  • Project Documentation

CPM is a critical tool for every project manager because it can monitor and assess the progress of any project in real-time. What every project manager want is to deliver the project to the customer within the committed time frame. The project's Critical Path is the most extended series of activities performed on the network  diagram and characterized as having zero slack time for all activities involved in a particular sequence.

A project manager works on multiple projects, and the correct allocation of the resources at his/her disposal decides the outcome. Our CPM tool will help him make informed decision making. It ensures that the activity in question never become a critical path activity due to the reduction in the number of resources in a specific project that might hamper the progress of the second one.

WAMEX Gantt Charts

WAMEX Gantt Chart is a great online project management software to show the work scheduled to be done on any project on a specific day. It also represents the whole tenure of a particular project in one simple view. Our tool can extend some excellent features that provide you with vital inputs on the projects.

  • The start date and end date of a project
  • What are the project’s priority tasks
  • Details of the team members involved in each project
  • Teams working on each task
  • Duration of each task
  • How all of the functions are linked to each other

In short, WAMEX Gantt Chats are a brilliant digital solution in the form of a tool, updating the project manager on resource, task, and schedule to monitor the progress and work efficiently on the project completion.

WAMEX Network Diagram -  An online project management software

Whether you’re the lead manager or a member of a project team, you must be knowing about the project schedule network diagram. it helps you and your team visualize the activities that need to be completed over during the duration of a project. It also gives crucial context like task duration, sequence, and dependency. Research claims that visually representing data can improve comprehension, recall and retention value of the information /message. Our network diagram tool can boost performance and productivity while reducing stress among your team members.

A network diagram tool allows the project manager to track each element of a project and share the status with others, besides extending the following advantages.

  • Visual representation of the progress in a given project
  • Establishing the workflows
  • Tracking dependencies and possible obstacles

Plan and Implement Business Critical Project Management Tools Improve Efficiency & Productivity of the Project Team

WAMEX Project Review Tool

The Project Evaluation and Review Technique, or PERT, is a type of Network Diagram good project management tools used to figure out the project's critical path. This technique helps to schedule complex projects easier while estimating the duration of each activity. 

WAMEX project review tool helps project managers decide on other factors such as the budget and task delegation. a PERT chart will help determine a realistic forecast. WAMEX PERT tool helps the project management team visualize the timeline and the work ( to be taken on priority) for a project. However, with PERT, you create three different time estimates for the project, spelt out below.

  • The shortest possible time each task likely to take
  • Probable amount of time
  • The most extended period the tasks may take in case of unforeseen events.

TEAM WAMEX, USA has a professional software development team that has worked in the industry for ten plus years. We have developed several successful and customized good project management tools for our global customers. While working on any assignment, we explore the ideas and select the best suitable option to meet your functional requirement. Next in our mission comes is to work on a prototype model where all aspects of quality standards are met, followed by deployment for a pilot study. Once thriving, we write the final code, build the inner architecture, meeting your functional requirement to manage your project with much better efficiency.

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