Choosing a Learning Management Software is a challenging task

WAMEX, USA helps you with the perfect LMS platform

Every organization associated with online education, educational content, and training wants to provide effective but engaging online learning, but there's no single right way to achieve that. We can help you map out the best route in a given situation by developing a customized application or sourcing the best option.

Learning Management Software (LMS); A New Age Learning Innovation

A learning management system (LMS) is primarily a software-driven application for the administration, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of various educational courses, training modules, and learning and development exercises. The majority of the LMS programs today focus on the corporate market. As a result, learning Management Software today makes up the largest segment in the learning system market.

LMS: How WAMEX Can Help you?

We help organizations across different industry verticals achieve business goals with their future-ready learning content, creating appropriate platforms, content transformation, and technology solutions. We make the products and solutions based on the principles of innovation, design thinking and the most pleasing customer experience to gear up your business for the big league.

Our future-ready digital solutions are targeting online publishers, trainers, and Educational Institutions. They are equipped with best-in-class technology and software infrastructure.  Our speciality lies in creating customized solutions for every business need and ensuring a great user experience through the latest technologies. In addition, we make sure that all our digital products and services adhere to the highest quality standards.

WAMEX - We Extend Rich Learning Experience with Our E-learning, Mobile Learning and Online Training Solutions

At WAMEX, we develop engaging and customized online training solutions for your organization. Our engaging and informative e-learning modules empower the learners and drive performance.  We work with organizations across varied business verticals and help them design quality content.

Learn at your Convenience: Anytime, Anywhere

WAMEX mobile learning solution offers a seamless learning experience with a  much sought-after blend of animations, videos, audios, and graphics. They can be deployed using native and hybrid apps customized for iOS, Android and web and can be accessed all over. Immersive course modules coupled with good analytic help companies in tracking the progress of their trainees. We make use of responsive designs and deliver exciting and fun-filled course content.

Video Learning - The New Age Learning Tool.

Today's video learning is the critical element of e-learning and a widely acceptable format amongst the new age trainee and students. We design videos that bring academic content to life, adding the much-needed engagement missing in conventional teaching. Our educational videos aimed at promoting the critical thinking power of the trainees and students. Moreover, we make sure that our videos are highly interactive and easily integrated into any courseware.

Video Categories  


Motion Graphics



Talking Head

Stock Footage


We make innovative video content with animation and other interactive multimedia elements and develop online course modules that keep students engaged and enhance their retention capabilities.

WAMEX - Key LMS Services Offerings

We make Learning Activity Easy & Exciting with Our Custom LMS

Suppose you are in the business of teaching, training or impart learning session. In that case, you can leverage our customized LMS  for efficient delivery of classroom format training or simple e-learning models. Get your activity rolling with our  Cloud-based SaaS model ( not required to install, maintain and upgrade). You can also build and deliver training or educational content across multiple devices anytime and anywhere. We provide you end-to-end LMS services, including LMS maintenance and support, LMS administration services and learning content management.

You also can customize and configure LMS according to the business needs. For example, we would match the look & feel of the LMS to your company's branding with a custom-designed theme of your choice.

The IPR & the ownership rights for the LMS remain with you, and there is no need for any new user licenses to be purchased. Additionally, You can customize the LMS to match the company focused training workflow and user hierarchy, with a primary focus on the delivery and effectiveness of the training.

Round The Clock, Customer Support

We have a 24 X7 support desk for users and instructors to generate and submit online tickets for assistance.

We offer complete maintenance and round the clock support for your LMS system. In addition, we have a dedicated LMS technical Services team that can provide solution and troubleshooting in case of emergency.

Converting your Ideas into Reality