We adhere to a strict "customer first" philosophy at Web and Marketing Experts LLC, working tirelessly to satisfy the needs of customers to the best of our abilities.

Before hiring us for any project, we extend our experience and a comprehensive portfolio to all our valued clients. For this reason, our quality of work and our dedication to timely delivery are made available to promote a friendly and enjoyable work relationship. We also encourage our prospective customers before signing a contract with us to explain any questions or concerns they may have.

She/he is at liberty to request a refund from us in the unfortunate event of a client not being pleased. To ensure that she/he leaves as a satisfied customer, we extend our complete cooperation. With this view in mind, our Refund & Cancellation Policy has been thoughtfully prepared. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about refunds and cancellations. We'll be very pleased to support you.

Our Refund & Cancellation Policy is explained below:

Two components in every Website Design & Development project are Design and Development. The original & mock-up web page designs are set out in Website Design. Website Development involves using specific platforms to code the functionality needed by the website for custom code.

As promised, we will use our best resources to provide quality services to our customers.

If she/he is not happy with the initial mock-up design/sample, a client is entitled to receive half (50 percent) refund of the upfront payment made.

If we Web and Marketing Experts LLC were unable to start the project on time, a customer could apply for a full (100 percent) refund.

If a customer wishes to cancel the contract within 24 hours of making the payment, a customer may request a full (100 percent) refund.

It will take a period of 7 working days to process all refunds and the balance will be refunded to the bank account by either Account Credits or Direct Deposit.

If charged by credit card, refunds will be made to the original credit card issued at the time of transaction and, in the case of Payment Gateway, refunds will be made to the same bank account.

Taxes cannot be refunded by us since they are charged directly at the end of each month. However, it may be possible to recover those directly from the government.

If the customer wishes to request cancelation and refund, he/she can send an e-mail to info@wamexs.com or send a letter to our official address. Our finance and management team will act quickly, taking note of the request and evaluating every element of the issue. Subsequently, we will notify the client about the further process.

If the issue/problem is found to be with us, our account team will be back with you in less than seven working days.

Please notice that no refund will be made under the following conditions:

The client has already approved a mock-up template. However, this provision would not apply if Web and Marketing Experts LLC was unable to complete the project as stated in the contract. Inordinate project delays are due to insufficient or lack of contact from the end of the client.

Domain Name Registration/Domain Transfer or other associated domain services are NOT refundable. When you buy the domain name, you are the owner of the domain name, and it cannot be "returned" until the term of the domain has expired.

No refund shall be made once the project has been completed.

Any online marketing initiative consists of research efforts, testing and the participation of various analysis-based techniques. As a responsible online marketing business, we also have a policy of refunding digital promotion ventures.

  1. A client will send a refund request if his/her website does not appear within six months of the timetable. However, this provision is not successful unless the timeframe for ranking is pre-determined and decided by all parties.
  2. It should be noted that, to rank any keyword whatever, the competition, a minimum of 6 months of the timeline is required and no refund request will be approved before the timeline. We must also state that the rating of a keyword depends solely on the movement of the search algorithm and that we have no connection with any online search engine.
  3. The rating or location of the keywords continues to shift due to the complex algorithmic structure of the search engines and hence no refund request is approved in such a scenario.
  4. Every kind of advertising is subject to several tests and review of outcomes to generate the most effective advertisement and copy. Clients must realize that such a thing needs not only capital, but also time, so that we do not guarantee any number of achievements with our advertisements. No refund requests shall be approved for any web optimization, advertising, or marketing operation after 15 working days.
  5. Web and Marketing Experts LLC does not guarantee lead generation with SEO or marketing activities unless a number is secured or defined. No applications for refunds are therefore approved in this regard.

We at Web and Marketing Experts LLC, abide by our Refund & Cancellation Policies on all web services that we offer to all our clients.

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