How To Increase Your Sales Using Essential Design Elements In A Website

A visually attractive Website has all the power to help you increase your sales and delivering a better bottom line for the company. Online research says that about 75% of customers judge your website credibility from the design elements, including the white space, layout, usage of colour, fonts and meaningful visuals ( photos & video's). 38% of the visitors would dump you and never look back if the designs are not up to the mark, and 90% of online shoppers love shopping from specific e-commerce sites that provide them with a good user experience and easy navigation.

Your website is a part of your marketing expenses, including monthly recurring SEO, marketing and maintenance costs. If you plan to launch your new website or redesign the existing one, you should consider these five essential design elements, which would go a long way to reward you in terms of sales in future.

1 Design Element - Simple but Clear Cut

Research says that 60% of online shoppers look for your contact coordinates, and 85% of them look for information about your product lines and services. While designing the website, your web designer must keep them in mind or else the online users might be disappointed with your website.

At the same time, keep it quick, simple and easy for customers to find your products when they visit your website. With a precise, concise navigation bar and a search bar at the top, you can guide site visitors to the products you want to sell, or they can find what they are looking for and make a purchase.


2 Design Element - High-Quality Images and Videos

A great website design includes high-quality ( resolution)images that help enhance your online customer's experience. You may use photos, videos, or graphics to add a visual pop to your site. On the contrary, if your visuals aren't high quality or videos are not well directed and edited, your audience will not be happy. It sends them a bad impression and wrong signal about your site, and they will perceive your website as unprofessional and not trustworthy.


3 Design Element - Make Your (CTAs) stand out on the page

If a customer likes your product and the relevant information on your site and wants to go ahead with the purchase, they look for CTAs ( Call To Action) to guide them to close the sale. So CTAs must stand out on the page to explain to your customers how to proceed, or else you'll miss out on deals.

You can increase sales through web design by adding creativity to make the CTAs pop off your page.


4 Design Element - A Clean Website with cohesive Fonts and Colors

Many of us make the typical mistake of filling every centimetre space of the website with information, info-graphics and visuals. And that is a bad practice. It does not attract instead distract. On the contrary, white space is fundamental to good design. A clean site and keep your customers stay focused on crucial information and proceed towards the sale.

For a clean website, you should choose 2-3 fonts that complement one another to use throughout the entire site. When selecting the colour themes, make sure you choose only a few core colours and apply them with slight variations. Your designers know about it and let them use their minds.


5 Design Element - Create Responsive design for all devices

Online shoppers today are highly versatile. They can access your website either from PC, Tabs or Smartphones and expect a great user's experience when they land up on your site, and it's a fair expectation. The first step is to design a functional website by integrating responsive design features. Responsive design makes sure that your site adapts to all types of devices.

If someone accesses your website on their mobile device, responsive design ensures that your site adapts to fit the smaller screen. Users should have the same great experience if they accessed yours from their laptop or tabs. Today an excellent responsive website design can help you increase sales for your business.

A good website’s design will help you increase sales for your business. By creating a beautifully designed site, you can keep your audience engaged on your page longer, and the design elements tips can help you attain the business objective.

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