Our basic understanding and perception about the performance of any online content ( be it a web page, blogs, or articles) is that any page that downloads fast, mobile-optimized, having quality and error-free content with relevant meta tags. And it is fit enough to appear on search engines. But there is much more to the story. Let's talk about Google -the No 1 search engine in the world today.

How your page performs in social search in terms of likes, followers and shares, the level of engagement determines the performance factor. Google's algorithms accept many signals into account, and the page performance on social media is a significant one. Google's algorithm treats them as a positive signal. So if your social media is optimized, you are likely to perform better in Google searches.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization or SMO is all about identifying the content that performs well for your business and brands on social platforms. As a first step, you need to figure out the content type your online audience is looking for, discover where you fit in the social media sphere, and finally, execute it. Because the ultimate idea is to place your content to a large online audience, somewhat similar to our conventional SEO practice.

SEO VS SMO - The Great Similarity

It is a standard rule that the more engagement you have along with the shares of your social media posts, the more online audience gets to see it. And more the viewership, then more likely they get linked to the website. These strong backlinks create better rankings, leading to more social media activity, and the cycle continues. It is an ongoing process. As a professional digital marketer, you must optimize your social media with SEO in mind and allow them to synchronize more effectively.

Although the SMO was earlier concerned in driving traffic to your website from your social media page of Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Quora, today it covers a larger perspective. It has become part and parcel of the overall SEO strategy. All the leading search engines today are taking the recommendation of social media to determine the ranking.

How We Do the SMO?

Contribute Quality and Good Content as per search intent

Always do the necessary research. Identify what the audience is looking for on the net for a specific subject. Give your independent insight on the possible solution addressing the online audience's information needs or hunger. Once the readers find the solution/information meeting their needs, they will become your followers and share your post in their network. And over a period, you become a recognized authority on a similar subject, having a large no of followers.

A Good Content Creates The Value

Placing research-driven quality content in social media leads to more likes, follow and share or re-tweet of your post and adds value and social media recognize you as an expert professional on the domain and recommend search engines accordingly. It could also be a part of your SMO strategy.

Engage Your Audience - the tricks of the trade

A continuous engagement leads to a better relationship with your audience, and that is the basic principle of marketing. Audience or customer engagement is also significant for online/social media activity. Participation, communication, post commenting and sharing other's content keeps the relationship ongoing and helps in SMO.

Be a Part Of Quality Social Network

As a part of your SMO strategy, focus on building a network of professionals and keep engaged with them on discussion, debate and exchange of ideas in the platform.

Be a part of the influencer community.

Again, it helps a lot in your social media optimization as your target audience loves to hang around in such a quality reference group. The media platform keeps a watch on your group activity and recommends the search engine.

These are the typical SMO activity if one can adopt to build up a long-term SMO strategy. It would go a long way and making sure a consistent traffic flow to your website.

Good Social Media Optimization will enable an increased traffic volume on social media and better rankings in SEO. Social Media provides us with a good amount of data which helps us narrow down customer's behavioral patterns, trends and preferences. It also provides a competitive driving edge. These are good enough reasons for you to join hands with WAMEX – USA’s leading social media optimization company and build a credible brand.